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Gene Autry Museum
Gene Autry Museum

AWA Award Nomination

Prairie Moon has been nominated by the Academy of Western Artists for Western Song of the Year:

2 songs:
Singing My Way Down The Tucson Trail, and Pokey.

Tucson Trail is one of 5 songs in the final running for Western Song of the Year!

Will Sullivan Will Sullivan
"Bass and vocals. Native Texan. My favorite songs are about Texas and all the natural beauty we enjoy who are lucky enough to live here."
Tim Callaway Tim Callaway
"I sing harmony, lead, write cowboy songs and play lead and rhythm saddle guitar. I hope you enjoy good clean western music from where the coyotes are howlin', if so, you'll love Prairie Moon."
Michael Callaway Michael Callaway
"Howdy Partner! I also sing harmony, write a little, sing some lead and play French Harp for Prairie Moon. I'm always wandering Way Out West in Texas under a Prairie Moon!"
Ron Callaway Ron Callaway
"I sing lead, write songs, and play rhythm guitar. I'm proud to be the oldest living member of Prairie Moon!"
David Holcomb David Holcomb
"I fiddle around a lot and occasionally put in a "hot" mandolin lick to round out that Prairie Moon sound!"
Prairie Moon’s new CD “Under Western Skies” now available.
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November 21, 2020
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